The Best Mushrooms in the World

Mushrooms Canada

Mushrooms can be your best choice if you want to add some nutrients to your daily diet. It is because they are incredible and are considered as the super food by many experts due to their abundant nutrient retaining capacity. However, there are around 5.1 million species of fungi across the world, but which one are you going to pick up? Yes, you can’t just pick all of them because there are many poisonous species of fungi around you which can cause death if you are untreated. For the North Americans, online sites can be very reliable to buy fresh and healthy mushrooms. You can buy shrooms online Canada, if you are living there.

Buy shrooms Canada can be a great option for the people searching for great mushrooms, because they provide the best mushrooms at an affordable rate. In this post, the best mushrooms around the world will be discussed.

  1. Reishi

These mushrooms are bright with brown flowers and are loaded with an impressive ganoderic acid. Do you know what these acids actually do? These acids can reduce your cholesterol at a crazy rate and surprisingly it can reduce your high blood pressure. In Chinese, it is known as “Lingzhi.”. Along with reducing the blood pressure and cholesterol, Reishi can boost the immune system and impressively it has amazing antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. To get these first-class shrooms, you can buy shrooms Canada. A recent research has proved that Reishi can also fight the cancer.

  1. Shiitake

It is the most favorite food of the Japanese. Shittake is an excellent and ideal source of Vitamin D. The most important benefit of this mushroom is that, it contains a great natural compound named lentinan which is an anti-tumor compound. Scientifically it has been proved that these mushrooms can increase the functioning ability of the gamma delta T-cells and can reduce the inflammatory proteins.

  1. Oyster

Oyster is the most impressive species of mushrooms because it has the ability to fight the deadly HIV virus and the cancer cells. If you are a HIV patient, you can have a try. A study was conducted on the HIV patients in 2004 which revealed that Oyster mushrooms has a profound and magnificent effect on the HIV patients because of the presence of anti-retroviral induced hyperlipidemia. Even it can slow down the growth of the colon as well as the cells of the breast cancer without affecting the normal cells.

  1. Porcini

This is a species of meaty mushrooms that have anti-inflammatory property. It contains a compound named ergosterol which is capable of cytotoxicity. It is a process of invading and destroying the enemy cells. These mushrooms can be excellent choices for the people who want to enjoy a better mental and physical health.

  1. Shimeji

Shimeji is a type of mushroom species that is used in the Japan from the traditional era. It is very effective at fighting asthma. It contains a fascinating compound named beta-glucans which can suppress the allergic reactions. This compound can also enhance the natural healing capability and can boost the immune system. A recent study describes that beta-glucan can destroy the growing tumors.

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