10 Types of Mushrooms and Their Best Uses

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There are thousands of mushroom species across the planet among them only 300 species are edible. However, if you are a mushroom forager or eater, you have to know the differences between the poisonous and the edible one.

In this post, I will discuss about the 10 types of mushrooms and their best uses.

  1. White button mushrooms

Well, white button mushrooms are regarded as one of the best mushrooms. When you search for the best mushrooms in the google, you will surely get these mushrooms – Shiitake, White button mushrooms, Maitake and Cremini. White button mushrooms are very popular, and people now even cultivate it due to its higher price in the market. You can take it in raw, or even can cook it. These mushrooms increase the taste when are used for preparing salad or pizzas.

  1. Cremini

You may also know it by other names – Baby bellas, Golden Italian mushrooms, Classic brown, Roman, Italian mushrooms and so on. It is a type of young portobello, but cremini is a little bit darker than portobello. Both the white button mushrooms and cremini can be used alternatively. It has a fleshy taste which makes this mushroom even more demanding.

  1. Shiitake

In certain cultures, and civilizations, Shiitake mushrooms are regarded as the best mushroom among the entire mushroom’s world because of its excellent nutrient value, ability to fight cancer cells and capacity to boost immune system rapidly. You can know these mushrooms also by Black forest, Black winter, Chinese black, Golden oak, Donko, Black mushroom. These mushrooms can be found in the wild but also are cultivated. You can easily identify them because of the umbrella shaped caps.

  1. Maitake

Like Shiitake, Maitake mushrooms are also amazing due to their nutrients, vitamins and minerals. You can know it by Hen of the Wood, Ram’s head, Dancing mushroom, Sheepshead mushroom. Do you recognize cabbage? Then don’t worry, you will also recognize these mushrooms easily due to its cabbage like appearance.

  1. Oyster

Oyster mushrooms are very attractive to look at due to their appearance. These mushrooms are also called the Angel’s wings. The appearance is unique, and you can find them in the wild growing on the side of the trees. They are whitish in color, and the shape is somewhat fan-like. These mushrooms can be found in several Chinese and Japanese dishes.

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