A Great Way to Cook Mushrooms

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The usual wisdom about mushrooms is that you keep them dry – brush them instead of letting them soak or rinse them – and then cook them quickly in a hot pan without clogging them. The reason for this is that the mushrooms act like tiny sponges and absorb the water when you wet them. Because mushrooms contain a lot of water, they tend to steam rather than tan when you put them in the pan or if you do not cook them quickly. As so often with the wisdom of cooking, this mushroom myth is wrong. To get handful of fresher mushrooms, you can buy shrooms Canada.

Many food scientists and writers have realized some time ago that the first element of this belief is wrong. The fact is that mushrooms, like most vegetables, have a high water content right from the start. When soaked in water, a small amount of water can be added to their weight, but compared to their original water content, an added amount is unimportant. The second conviction was tougher. While the local geniuses of the International Culinary Center of New York and the blog Cooking Issues debunked the myth some years ago, you still find respected (albeit erroneous) writers and leaders who continue to make that mistake.

The truth about mushrooms:

As explained by Dave Arnold and Nils Noren of the ICC, a group of wet and clogged mushrooms starts in a pot with (in their words) “a sharp mess”. If you cook them long enough, the water evaporates and they turn brown without absorbing the oil you are using. Dry mushrooms are very porous. If you heat a pot of oil or butter and add dry mushrooms, they absorb the fat and never let it go. In the end you have golden mushrooms, but fat.

As a bonus, the “wet, overcrowded” method also allows you to get mushrooms with a much more concentrated taste, which is especially noticeable in the mushrooms that are currently grown. Buy shrooms Canada can provide you the nonpoisonous mushrooms.

1. Start by cleaning the mushrooms.

Since it is clear that the soaking of mushrooms has nothing to criticize, many mushrooms clean in this way quickly and thoroughly. If you have a strainer that fits in a bowl, you can put the mushrooms in the strainer, place it in a bowl in the sink and fill it with water. Let it act for a few minutes and shake it with your hands if necessary to clean it. Then lift the sieve and drain.

You can also soak them directly in the bowl and then put them in a colander. However, if the water is very dirty, pour dirty water over your own mushrooms and you probably want to rinse them again.

When they are clean, cut and cut the mushrooms. Keep in mind that in this type of cooking the mushrooms lose their volume and may be slightly smaller than at the beginning.

2. Add water, fat and salt.

If you shop at a market where mushrooms are only available in packs of 8 or 16 ounces, you probably know how difficult it can be to use them before they become slimy. When cooking together, it can be very wasteful.

Another great feature of this cooking method is that, as you need a crowded saucepan, it’s best to cook a large amount at once. Once cooked, you will see how easy it is to use them.

Choose a frying pan that is suitable for all mushrooms in two or three depths. Remember that you want to stack them for this method. Add enough water to cover the mushrooms. For 8 ounces of mushrooms, add about a tablespoon of butter or oil and a teaspoon of kosher salt. Place the pan on a burner that is too high and allow the water to boil.

3. Cook the mushrooms.

When the mushrooms start to boil, you can lower the heat, but adjust the burner so that the water keeps boiling, not just boiling. You will notice that there is now more water in the pan than you added at the beginning. This is because they lose a lot of water from their cells when cooking mushrooms.

At this point, you can ignore the pan and continue to prepare your dinner. They only wait until all the liquid has evaporated. As long as you are in the kitchen, your ears will tell you to look after them again.

4. Stop sizzling.

When all the water is gone, the mushrooms begin to sizzle. At this time, it is easy to brown them in the remaining oil or butter. Since mushrooms are already fully cooked, this step does not take long.

The beauty of this method lies in the fact that the cells of the mushrooms collapsed during the cooking process, lost air and lost a lot of water, so they do not absorb the fat of the mushroom. Stove when they are tanning. It also concentrates the taste and improves the texture. You can buy shrooms Canada from online.

Here you can spice up the mushrooms as you like. You can deglaze the pan with some wine or dry sherry.

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