How Can You Cook Delicious Mushroom Dishes

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It’s not hard to cook perfect mushrooms every time – use these tips and learn how to cook them. You will not believe the secret of cooking perfect mushrooms! First of all, you can mail order mushrooms to get plenty of mushrooms.

I do not eat three things: celery, honey and mushrooms. Well, that’s not quite true. I do not eat other things like tripe, chicken legs or beef tartar, but it’s not very common.

However, this is not the case with the usual foods that everyone seems to consume, these are the three mentioned above. For years I could not stand the smell of honey, the taste of celery and the texture of mushrooms. But in the end the taste changes and I open up for mushrooms.

In fact, I regularly buy them from Costco. They sell large containers of sliced ​​organic mushrooms for less than $6. I like the convenience of not having to wash and chop them, and the price is the same as if I had bought whole mushrooms.

There are plenty of classic mushroom recipes, but I’ve decided to learn and enjoy mushrooms with something simple: sautéed mushrooms. I started frying the mushrooms in a large pan, stirred them thoroughly with a spatula, reduced the heat as they began to brown, and added very little oil.

In the middle of the whole, the pan was filled with mushroom liquid that steamed and boiled instead of exploding. I have always thought that mushrooms are like this: they contain a lot of liquid and so they can be cooked.

Until I come across an article explaining how to cook mushrooms in other ways. Unfortunately, I did not register the link to this page and could not find it. If someone has a link, I’m very grateful to you, because I want to put a link here.

This article has changed the way I cook mushrooms now: There is no dreaded steaming, there is not even fuss. It only cooks! The mushrooms are perfectly cooked and brown – no soft consistency, no mild taste!

So, how to cook perfect mushrooms every time?

It’s easy! How to cook mushrooms has three things: heat, fat, time.

They need a lot of heat; not the highest that would burn anything, but high enough to catch mushrooms without damaging them. Usually I use medium or medium high, but it depends on your stove.

Then you need more fat than you would normally need if you were like me, and always try to reduce the amount of cooking oil or butter. I never measure my consumption, but that should be enough to generously cover the bottom of the pan. I prefer vegan butter or butter, not oil, but oil can also be used. You need butter (vegan or normal) at the beginning and in the middle of the cooking process. Do not miss this step, it really adds flavor!

And now, the most important insider tip at the right time: Do not stir the mushrooms! Put the mushrooms with the melted butter in the pan, stir once and forget. Depending on the amount of mushrooms, the size of the pan and your cooker, the duration may be 5 minutes or 10 to 15 minutes. Exactly. To let. Your. To be. Do not move, no matter what temptation. So, don’t be late, quickly mail order mushrooms to cook delicious foods.

You will know when to stir – the mushrooms will halve and you will see them begin to take on a golden color. This is when you add more butter and mix / return the mushrooms, then let them cook without stirring. Just peasy!

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